The President, with the advice of the Board, shall at his/her discretion determine and establish standing committees, ad hoc committees, and other committees and chairpersons as necessary to effectively carry out the programs of the organization from the membership.


Dave Mcglothen, Chair   City of Fairborn   (937) 754-3050
Tad Stoll   City of Springboro   (937) 748 5780
Derek Spurling, Chair   City of Centerville   (937) 428-4786
Angela Morgan   Dayton Fire Department   (937) 333-4528
Bill Bergman         
Ted Baker    City of Vandalia    (937) 415-2320 
Pete Baldauf    City of Vandalia    (937) 415-2326 
Mike Siehl    City 0f Englewood    (937) 771-2881 
David White, Chair   City 0f Englewood     (937) 771-2883 
Bryan Parker   Champaign Cointy    (937) 484-1602 
Scott Young, Chair    NIC   (937) 433-4642 
Dan Sammon    City 0f Centerville     (937) 428-4786 
Rene' Snodgrass   City of Dayton    (937) 333-2997
Dan Sammon, Chair   City of Centerville   (937) 428-4786 

Last updated on 01/29/2016




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